"And... breathe. Disbelief seeps through the room, as open-mouthed, the audience stare up at the deft figure on stage. But then Katherine likes to generate these little pauses, these bewitching time-outs in reality. You could call it magic, illusioneering, mentalism... history has many words, but you’ll likely remain speechless all the same."


The first woman magician to gain her own prime-time show in the UK with ‘Katherine Mills: Mind Games’, Katherine’s a marvel of modern magic-making. Unanimously accepted into that ever-mysterious, mostly-male institution, The Magic Circle, Katherine is a true modern – a strong woman creating her own style of contemporary magic and mentalism. 

A regular on television, Katherine also appears by commission at a wide range of social, commercial, fashion and artistic events, always leaving a trail of wonder and happy bewilderment in her wake.







How Far Will Katherine Travel? >>

Katherine loves entertaining crowds and has worked as a professional magician all over the world, including Asia, the Middle East, Europe and The Americas, so nowhere is too far

What is the booking process? >>

Simply fill out the form on the contact page and one of the team will be in touch with you as soon as possible

How far in advance should I book? >>

As one of the leading female magicians in the UK, Katherine gets booked up quite far in advance. However – it’s always worth checking! Get in touch through the contact form above, and if we can’t work together for this event, then we can start planning for your next one!

How much does Katherine charge? >>

There is no set price for any event, each one is unique and each performance is tailored to that event. Please get in touch to discuss options

What is your cancellation policy? >>

Katherine understands that sometimes circumstances change and events are cancelled. As with most things the more notice given the better, please get in touch for more full details about the cancellation process

How long will it take for Katherine to reply to my request? >>

We value the importance of quick replies and we aim to reply to your request on the day that you make it, or within 24hours

How much space do you require/what do we need to provide? >>

Katherine will tailor her performance to fit with the clients requirements and the venue in question, from delivering large scale stage shows, to wowing small groups, Katherine is able to adapt depending on the circumstances