How To Choose The Right Magician For Your Event

So, you’re organising an Corporate or Private event. You’ve already been to several work events this year and the same old setup is beginning to get a bit tiresome.

You decide to jazz this one up by hiring an event magician to provide your colleagues, clients and contacts with an unparalleled, unforgettable and fascinating experience, which they’ll definitely thank you for later.

But how do you select someone who will produce a tailored magical performance that will meet, no - excel beyond your expectations?


1.     Know your audience

Whether it is an AGM, Christmas Party or Networking Event, you need to consider the kinds of people who will be attending. 

Is the event going to be quite formal and will therefore require a more serious performance? Or will the tone be more light-hearted and therefore accommodate to any type of act from something intense to something more comical?

2.     What type of magic?

This factor will depend on the size of your audience. Given the versatile nature of magic, you have the freedom to choose from close-up, stage and tailored performances – or even a combination of all 3 throughout different stages of the event.

If you have a smaller group, you might want a closeup performance that will urge the audience to interact and engage with the magician on an intimate level.

How to choose a magician

3.     Hire someone with the right experience 

It is vital that you do in-depth research into the magician you’re looking to hire – especially if you’re hiring off the Internet.

 Read online reviews, browse their portfolio, check their YouTube channel and look for featured articles.

More importantly, ensure that they have a substantial amount of expert experience in live performing so that you will not be let down. 

4.     Venue and equipment

The venue is one of the most important aspects to address. You must think about size, layout, space, and furniture. Give a detailed description of the venue to the magician and they should be able to put together a performance that will suit the space. 

5.     Express your specific needs

This final point applies to all of the above. Maintain strong communication and express every detailed requirement to the magician so that they can deliver a bespoke experience for you and your guests.