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Katherine is an expert at psychological magic and close-up trickery, the kind that gets any corporate event buzzing. And it’s the strangest thing, but when objects suddenly appear or disappear, people become animated and the ice is broken. This is wonder at any scale, and Katherine puts on shows that are as expansive as a keynote or as contained as a goldfish emerging from the Marketing Director’s ear. 

Looking to hire a magician for your corporate event?

No Myers-Briggs prepares your people for this. Katherine’s mentalist set brings people out of themselves and into focus with each other. It’s a psychological high-wire act that kick-starts your event with an artful panache.

Katherine can craft sets precisely aligned to your event, whether it’s a launch, AGM, fashion show, she’s made marvels at them all.

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As one of the best corporate event magicians based in London, Katherine has the ability to fascinate her audience whether they believe in magic or not. The best live magicians are able to wow even the most sceptical of audiences and Katherine’s extraordinary talent places her into this exceptional category. When people’s jaws finally recover to their closed position, and the shocked laughter dies down, their heads tilt quizzically to their neighbour and a mystified mumbling engulfs the room, ‘how did she do that?’, ‘What just happened?’, ‘But….but that’s impossible!’… Such is the power and skill of Katherine, as a master of her trade and born entertainer.

As distraction and entertainment, Katherine worked true magic. However closely observed, none of us could understand how but no one doubted what had happened. It was inclusive and a lot of fun; gave the dinner party focus and sparkle.

— Michael Hatchard - Partner at Skadden


Why hire a corporate event magician?

Why not shake up your next corporate event and impress your colleagues and clients with a unique, mind-baffling tailored performance? Katherine has a wealth of experience in working her magic at corporate events, leaving a positive impression on all those who attend.

What type of corporate events suit hiring a Magical entertainer?

From Christmas office parties to company dinners to trade shows to networking events… Whatever the company occasion, as a professional corporate entertainer, Katherine will make it unforgettable with an incredible performance from one of the UKs leading magical entertainers!

What type of entertainment can Katherine provide for my corporate event?

Katherine specialises in close up, tailored and stage magic, bespoke to your event. Get in touch below!

Why hire corporate entertainment in London?

Corporate events are a dime a dozen nowadays with something or other cropping up almost on a weekly basis. Setting your event apart from the crowd is becoming ever more difficult however, the importance of leaving a positive impression on your employees or clients minds remains invaluable. By hiring Katherine, one of the UK’s leading magicians, for your corporate function, you’re sure to leave a positive impression on all those who attend.

Many corporate events can be disjointed and awkward. Whether they are put on to boost company morale by bringing people from different departments together under one roof -- perhaps for the first time, or to bring together clients from different industries; the truth remains that they can be uncomfortable and rigid. So what better way to break the proverbial ice than, after a few glasses of the finest prosecco, people are brought together with squinted eyes and crooked necks in utter befuddlement, questioning what on earth just happened.

The reason why Katherine has gained such respect throughout her professional career, in London and around the world, is her instant likability. As a prominent magician and mentalist, Katherine is quickly able to build a rapport with guests as she effortlessly glides between groups leaving in her wake a sense of bafflement and bewilderment, ultimately creating these talking points that bring people together and make the party a success.

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The best thing about close up magic is the intimacy. The audience watch on only steps away – that is if you haven’t been volunteered to be involved – and the trickery takes place right underneath your nose, which only adds to the power of the performance and subsequent sense or puzzlement.

Don’t deny it – everyone has thought: “I bet I can see what how they do it”. However, when no one can stump up a solution, or a debate breaks out as to who has the correct explanation; the allure of magic is only intensified.

With Katherine’s mastery of her craft, you can all but guarantee that you and your guests will come away awed and with a new found belief in the supernatural. If not ‘belief in the supernatural’ then you’ll leave with “the utmost respect for magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship”.

The aim of any corporate event magician is to bring people together. As such personal interaction between the performer and the audience is key. Katherine has the innate ability to truly make an audience feel as if they are involved in the show, either directly by being selected to be apart of the trick, or indirectly by simply having the pleasure to witness her work in action. Once the prestige is revealed and people are desperately searching for the secret, as an associate of the world-renowned Magic Circle, with silver star, Katherine both has their stamp of approval as a performer, but also is sworn to secrecy and never allowed to reveal her shadowy methods. So you might be scratching your head for some time.

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 A crucial part of being a corporate entertainer, especially when slight of hand and intricate stagecraft is such a key part of the show, is confidence. Katherine’s effortless self-assurance and engaging manner has made her one of the UK’s leading magicians and this is demonstrated instantly as people immediately warm to her, and despite her trickery, everyone leaves on the best of terms!

Hiring a magician like Katherine is one of the best corporate entertainment ideas in London and one that will undoubtedly bring people together.

Magic Circle Logo

Katherine Mills: The Inner Magic Cicle

Formed in1905 and famed as being the most highly regarded magic societies in the world, being accepted into the infamous Magic Circle is no mean feat.

In order to become a member of this mysterious club, not only do you need to be proposed by two members, but you also have to pass a rigorous interview and examination process.

The knowledge of the candidate around magic is tested both on a theoretical level as well as a practical one. Quizzed on the books that they have read as well as on their speciality before being asked to perform, this process is notoriously difficult to pass.

Once welcomed into this circle, members must make a solemn promise to, amongst other things: “not in any way knowingly, or intentionally, disclose any secret of magic to anyone unless they be magician”.  This close knit society provides the foundations for magicians and mentalists to thrive and improve their craft to the enjoyment and puzzlement of all who go onto witness their skills at work.

As a respected female corporate magician in london you can check out my profile on the Magic circles website following the link above.

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