The versatility of using magic for corporate entertainment

I am often asked to perform at different types of corporate events, with previous clients consisting of Virgin, BP, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, BBC and Bentley to name a few. I thought it would be a great idea to write a blog on how magic can really swing your corporate event from ordinary to extraordinary.

Planning a corporate event for colleagues or existing/potential clients is sometimes quite a daunting experience, with so many different elements to think about. Booking someone to entertain your guests is often a minefield, from choosing the right kind of corporate entertainment, dealing with agents, researching reviews, sticking to your budget and making sure the venue can meet the entertainer’s set-up requirements.

Creativity is vital when it comes to corporate events. The most important part is making your guests happy and keeping them entertained. Using a magician for your corporate entertainment is a thrilling, memorable and versatile way for your company to entertain colleagues and clients.


How can magic create brand awareness?

Using a magician for your corporate event is a unique and special way to create brand awareness. I have a lot of insight into how to help companies connect with their employee's, clients, potential clients and their community in a fun, engaging, positive and meaningful way. Providing memorable entertainment will have your guests talking about your event to their connections and this will bring you new interests, which is the magic for growing your business. I can work closely with your company to create a bespoke performance, whether that’s close up magic or with a stage show. This can be achieved by incorporating logos, strap lines and the ethos of campaigns in such a way, that the power of the presentation will have a lasting impact on your guests and bring your brand to life.

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What sort of corporate events does magic work well at?

Magic & Mentalism is very adaptable and can be incorporated to any type of corporate event. I tailor all my performances to suit your company’s needs, nature of the event, number of guests, budget and venue choice.

Team building

Choosing a magician for your corporate team building event works really well, it helps to break the ice, gets people involved in solving or performing magic tricks, and can facilitate the development of creative approaches to problem-solving, and how to work within a limited time-frame. These skills are really important in order to build adaptable teams. The fun and learning often comes from trying to work out how the magician “does it”’ which can greatly develop focus and problem-solving skills as full concentration is essential in order to try and uncover a trick.

Trade shows

Managing a successful stand at a trade show requires skill and innovation. It’s all about generating results. The more people you attract, the more leads you’ll make. With a touch of magic, you will have people huddling round your stand and creating a buzz for your business. I have performed at many trade shows over the years and have successfully incorporated sales messages into my performance.

Annual Parties

Whether it be a Summer or Christmas party, everyone looks forward to shutting up early and getting out the office to have a good old party with their colleagues. Hiring a corporate magician is the perfect way to make a party memorable. Your staff can have a great time beyond just the food and drinks. Keeping the guests engaged and entertained is a priority for any good party and having a separate entertainment segment, your staff will rarely find it repetitive or boring.

Networking events

Let’s be honest, no one really enjoys networking. It’s always a bit of a struggle knowing how to approach someone and start a conversation from scratch. Hiring a magician for your corporate networking event can eliminate that pain by being the best ice-breaker out there. Having a magician strolling around your networking event will bring people together and help them to strike up conversation and come together in amazement.

Awards ceremonies

I have been asked to perform at many awards ceremonies throughout my career. Stage shows work really well at awards ceremonies. Instead of having a speaker for after dinner speeches you can captivate everyone's attention and astound your guests by doing something a little different.


Whether your guests are your most treasured clients or your management and colleagues, when you hire a corporate magician, it is essential to have confidence that your guests will be left with a good impression of your company and your event. No matter what style of corporate event you are organising, you can be rest assured that I have extensive practice in providing entertainment for corporate audiences and in working with you to ensure that your event is talked about for months to come.

Need to hire a corporate magician?

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