Your Guide to Corporate Summer Parties

Don’t you just love summer? 

It’s that wonderful time of the year when every breeze carries the scent of freshly cut grass and the evenings seem to last forever. It really is the season of happiness – even if the sun is being a little bit shy right now!

For me, this time of year is also about corporate summer parties – a growing trend where businesses break tradition and move their Christmas parties to the warmer months. And since no summer party is complete without a little bit of magic, I’m often invited as a corporate magician!

If the idea of an early office party sounds appealing to you, then check out my first-hand guide to planning the perfect corporate summer party.

Corporate Summer Party

So why have a corporate summer party?

I was tempted to answer this question with a simple: why shouldn’t you have a summer party? But if you’re looking for a little more substance to convince your boss of the merits of early summer celebrations, here’s my take:

Corporate summer parties are cheaper

Think about it. Most office parties take place in the function rooms of expensive hotels during their busiest time of the year. This means you are almost certainly paying a seasonal premium for catering and accommodation. 

Convenience for your employees

December is a busy month for most people. So giving up a Christmas shopping day for a roast dinner and a disco isn’t always ideal. But with three months of summer to choose from, you’re almost guaranteed to find a convenient date that works for everyone. 

Summer corporate parties are more relaxed

Tuxedos and tight dresses might look great in photos, but their practicality goes out of the window after the third course at a sit-down dinner. Wouldn’t you rather be wearing summer clothes as you tuck into freshly cooked BBQ food?

A mid-year party is great for morale

Some people might not enjoy having to wait all year to be publicly congratulated for their hard work. Others may feel that the companies social events are spaced out too thin. So what better way for a boss to celebrate the first half of the year and re-energise their team for the latter half?

Summer just makes people happy

With the exception of Vlad the IV from accounts, summer is universally loved by everyone. The days are longer. The sun is shining. And the drinks always taste better. The atmosphere of summertime is a welcome tonic that permeates everything, making it all feel so much better! 

corporate party in the summer

The downside of a corporate summer party

At this point, I’m hoping that I’ve fully swayed you to the benefits of swapping the black tie for blue shorts and skirts. But it would be irresponsible of me not to draw attention to the downsides of having your office party in the summer.

The weather 

If you’re going to have a summer office party outside, then you will be at the mercy of the UK’s unpredictable weather. This isn’t always ideal when you’re dressed for the sun with no cover from the rain. Fortunately, with several months of summer, the odds of good weather are in your favour. Failing that, you can always rent a marquee as a backup.

Some people are sticklers for tradition

If your office party isn’t complete without a roast dinner and all the trimmings, then a summer party might not be for you! That said, there’s nothing stopping you from hosting your event on a Sunday and giving everyone the Monday off!

The ideal location for a corporate summer party

One of the best aspects of throwing an office party in the summer is the freedom you have in choosing a location. Here are some of my top suggestions.

A rooftop terrace

Who doesn’t love drinks with good company on a rooftop terrace? If you’re lucky there might even be a BBQ where steaks, sausages and burgers can be enjoyed with fresh salads and irresistible nibbles. Pair that with a view of the sunset and you’ve got the recipe for an unforgettable summertime party.

rooftop terrace for a corporate party

Bar hire

Let’s face it, most of us love to spend our time in bars during the summer. Especially if we’ve got the option of sitting outside. So if you can’t beat them, why not join them? A simple office party at a local bar with free drinks for your employees is sure to have a 100% attendance rate.  

An experience day

Why not indulge in an experience day before the knees up? Something as simple as an escape room or crazy golf also doubles up as team building. Ensuring plenty of stories of victory and defeat can be shared over a few shandies in the evening. 

An office party in the office

A corporate summer party in the office can go a long way towards changing people’s perception of the workplace. With even the most battle-hardened workaholics being unable to turn down the opportunity to swap their computer mouse for a cocktail. 

Keeping people entertained at your corporate summer party

Good company, great food and free flowing alcohol are often the key ingredients of a successful office party. But if you want to take things to the next level, you should consider hiring entertainment for your guests. Even something as simple as swapping the DJ for a live band can dramatically improve the atmosphere of your party.

Now call me bias, but I’m also quite partial to a bit of magic at office parties. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy watching me make their boss disappear? Magic also tends to be more captivating when it’s performed outside with groups – making it an ideal form of entertainment for corporate summer parties. 

Need to hire a corporate magician?

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