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As one of the world’s best stage and TV performers, Katherine is a highly sort after private party magician based in London although she performs all over Great Britain as well as across the world.

Katherine’s magic scales from close-up marvels to full-on party spectaculars, always styled to your precise needs. Whether it’s mentalist trickery with a Victorian stage pedigree or the latest in close-quarters sleight-of-hand, Katherine fills the room with breathless, 'but how is that possible?' faces.

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Having starred in her own television show in 2014, as well as a number of other award winning programmes, Katherine knows how to bring an audience to the edge of their seats and leave them, eyes squinting and eyebrow slightly raised with that slightly baffled look, thinking; ‘how on earth did she do that?’

Katherine’s skill as both a mentalist and a magician has stunned parties both large and small, in London and across the rest of the UK. Every show or event is tailored to meet the clients’ exact requirements to ensure that every guest -- young or old -- enjoys her performance.

From intimate parties to exclusive champagne receptions, Katherine Mills is a highly experienced, Bafta Award winning magician and mentalist who is bound to bring a reaction out of even the staunchest of sceptics!


Why hire a magician for your private party?

Every performance is tailored to your precise requirements. Fill the room with surprise and mystery and throw a party that your friends and family will never forget!

What type of private parties suit hiring a magician?

Whether it’s a childs, spouses or grandparents birthday party, a wedding or a housewarming; Katherine provides an exclusive experience for you and your guests, leaving the room spellbound

What type of entertainment can Katherine do for my private event?

Katherine provides a range of performance types, including stage magic, close-up and tailored. Katherine takes time to fully understand her audience and what their specific needs may be, to ensure she delivers something truly bespoke.

Is magic suitable for weddings?

Weddings are always magical days but sometimes, such as during the wedding party photos, it is quite a good idea to have some entertainment for your guests – especially the younger ones. Katherine has performed magic at a number of weddings and she is experienced in putting on shows that will entertain all guests, young and old.

Why should you hire a magician for your private function?


Seeing magic or mentalist trickery performed on TV always leaves people a little unconvinced with many exclaiming, “that can’t be real” or “I bet they’re in on it”. Seeing magic in person however, amongst your friends and with no possibility of assistants being used; these questions will be answered and those doubters amongst us will be left eyes wide with bewilderment, believing beyond doubt that Katherine has extraordinary powers!

“Katherine is an absolute delight, brilliant and very engaging. We were all spellbound by her performance and I can recommend her without any hesitation.

— James Hepworth

Equally comfortable performing around tables, mingling amongst guests, or to a 200 person audiences on stage; Katherine has perfected her trade over years of performing at the highest level.

Let’s not forget that people’s desire to be tricked or deceived (or for those believers among us; witness magic!) has been insatiable for hundreds of years, and it is still this way. Who better to help bring a little extra flair to your private party than a woman who is helping redefine this century old practice?

“Whaaaaaaaaatt???!!!” That feeling when you witness the impossible

“Whaaaaaaaaatt???!!!” That feeling when you witness the impossible

The key to putting on a successful private party is to understand the audience. Katherine takes the time to really understand what the client and their guests want and she subsequently tailors the show to suit their every need. Having worked at a number of high profile events, Katherine also recognises that people’s privacy is important and private parties will remain private. As a trusted member of the Magic Circle, Katherine’s discretion when it comes to her clients and her profession is second to none.

Many who work in this sector say that magicians are good ‘ice-breakers’ and whilst this is true, Katherine seeks to provide so much more. Katherine doesn’t only want to leave guests in total bewilderment at what they had just witnessed, but she wants her trickery to leave something more profound than that. Katherine wants to have people baffled and asking questions for years, rather than just hours, after the event.

The greatest private function mentalists should stir up excitement that will be talked about when guests reminisce about the event decades later. It is magicians of this class who will make the party or event such a memorable occasion and Katherine Mills is guaranteed to do just that.  Her personality and subtlety will have you hanging on every word, and when the great reveal causes the gasps to ring out around the room, you’ll be left confounded, desperately looking for the answer to that age old question; “how on earth did she do that”!

Hiring a skilled magician is also a great idea if you’re looking for some alternative wedding reception entertainment ideas. Katherine will be happy to answer any questions about the types of shows she can put on.

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