Katherine is an absolute delight, brilliant and very engaging. We were all spellbound by her performance and I can recommend her without any hesitation.
— James Hepworth
As distraction and entertainment, Katherine worked true magic. However closely observed, none of us could understand how but no one doubted what had happened. It was inclusive and a lot of fun; gave the dinner party focus and sparkle.
— Michael Hatchard - Partner at Skadden
We loved having Katherine at our 10th birthday press dinner. She seamlessly worked her away around the room, never interrupting but always engaging guests with her incredible tricks. Everyone commented how good she was at surprising and delighting!
— Harriet French - Soap and Glory
Katherine was a huge asset at a recent corporate reception - she offered the perfect combination of intrigue, wit and glamour as she mingled amongst the guests.
— Susannah Parker - Private Drama
Katherine integrated with our team as if she was one of our own and proceeded to amaze potential clients with an array of magic which was hard to believe at such close distance. Many potential clients popped back for another trick or two which extended our opportunity to discuss services we could provide to new clients.
— Paul Bannister - Chief Executive Officer at Blue Sky
We loved having Katherine at our Crowd Funding launch. She brilliantly engaged the crowd with magic and illusions that no one had ever seen before. Through her charming style, our guests were left in awe, asking ‘how?’ and wanting more! Thank you Katherine, for adding some fun and enchantment to our lives.
— Mide Sanni - The House of Wings
Katherine was a big hit with our guests, she was very professional and managed to work the room effortlessly.  I would highly recommend Katherine to bring brilliant magic and a touch of glamour to any event.
— Suzy Stowell - Head of Events at Mace Group